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The Hearty Olive

We are OPEN and refilling your bottles. Same policy as before. Bottles have to be washed and dry in order for us to refill. See you soon!!



To anyone who has been asking us about Rick Couron, we should inform you that he has decided to retire from The Hearty Olive, after many years of serving us with his unwavering passion and expertise. We thank him for his time, service and efforts, and we wish him the absolute best as he enters retirement!


From now on, all future updates from The Hearty Olive will be found on our NEW Facebook page, and also here on our website.


Thank you so much for your continued support of The Hearty Olive!

- Rick and Marissa Kohlbeck, the new owners

Our Promise

Healthier Choices for a Healthier Life

The Hearty Olive is committed to providing our customers healthier choices for a healthier life. Locally owned and operated, we offer high quality olive oils, specialty oils and balsamic vinegars that reinvent the way food is prepared. We also offer a wide variety of specialty food products made regionally and locally, here in Wisconsin.

Whether you’re a gourmet cook, curious about healthier food choices, or just looking for new ideas, stop and see us! We are happy to answer your questions and share our expertise - we are certain you’ll find something you love.

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