Sauces  & Salsa

Pasta Sauce

Try one of our flavorful sauces to compliment your next pasta dish. Di Salvo's offers a tasty, marinara or Sicilian style sauce. Augusta's Antipasto is perfect for a thicker vegetable filled sauce. Carmella's and Glorioso's  both offer delicious Italian Style sauces. 


Looking for a unique snack for game day? Look no further. The Hearty Olive carries several flavors of Double Take Salsa Co. salsa, as well as Slack's Cherry and Bogberry Salsas, Rubi Reds Cranberry Salsa, or Seaquist Orchards Cherry salsa's.

Hot Sauce

BBQ Sauce

Whether you prefer mild, medium or HOT, each hot sauce has a unique flavor experience. Hot sauces add heat and intrigue to any dish - stop in for yourself or for the hot sauce lover in your life.

A great BBQ sauce can turn a good meal into a great one! Try Seaquist Orchards Cherry BBQ sauce or Croix Valley (gluten-free) sauces next time you grill - you will not be disappointed!

Pasta Sauce


Sauces & Salsa