The Hearty Olive carries Dalla Terra Handcrafted pasta. Dalla Terra has a variety of pastas for endless flavor combinations and pastabilities! Pair some of these pastas with our delicious pasta sauces or drizzle some of your favorite Hearty Olive oil or Balsamic vinegar over the top to create a delicious meal for two or an entire family! Buon  Appetito! 

Soup Mixes

The Hearty Olive now carries soups from Frontier Soups! We have a wide selection of flavors such as White Bean Chili mix, Split Pea Soup mix, Sausage and Lentil Soup mix, Corn Chowder Soup mix, and many more! These soups are gluten-free, have no added salt, and nothing artificial. These soups are perfect for a healthy hearty meal and have a generous amount of servings!